Obraz Zhizni: Singapore
A week-long program for high school students that consists of non-stop communication with people from different professional fields, as well as company tours, experiments and explorations in one of the most advanced places in the world – city-sate Singapore
20 hours of workshops, quests and practice
We learn to search for information in non-standard ways, test hypotheses about our strengths and break stereotypes.
15 speakers and companies
We have lunch with financiers, firemen, designers, travelers, bloggers and much more. We look from inside to big companies, tiny start-ups and the city.
New meetings
A week with new interesting people, each of which has its own story. We communicate with guests, sing with a guitar on the roof and cook together.

August 1–8 2017

Cozy hostel in the heart of the city

15 participants age 15+

RUB 100,000 per 1 participant (transportation fees are not included)
Companies we're going to visit
Павел Черных
Создатель и ex-президент World Skill в России
Василий Коваленко
Дизайнер. Фотограф. «Путешественник по России» в команде «Градусы открытий»
Надежда Бойцова
Журналист и фотограф. Создатель авторского блога «Сходи, зачекинься!».
Андрей Битюцкий
Предприниматель. Учредитель компании Toggle Games.
Руслан Абудов
Предприниматель, блоггер, автор 6 книг, бизнес-консультант.
Наталья Абрамович
Инженер–разработчик бортового и космического оборудования
Александра Попкова
Переехала работать в сфере коучинга и развития лидерства в Никарагуа
Надежда Аникеева
Гид по Санкт-Петербургу и социальный предприниматель
Boundless wolrd
Expand your ideas about how life after school can look like (and during school).
Your lifestyle
You’ll explore and better understand your strengths and formulate what ways of life are suitable or not for you.
You'll make and evaluate the options for routes that lead to a your own lifestyle.
It will be easier and more confident for you to make important decisions in life.