Career-guidance is not exclusively relevant for teenagers, what we usually hear from adults is: «that is a shame that we did not have that at our school time». This served us a purpose to launch a new format of events, where people of any age are welcome.
«MyStory: the investigations» — is a weekly event prepared by the team of "Way of life". The goal is to help everyone come up with their own full and plausible career roadmap.
We want every person to have necessary information and tools for deliberately choosing professional path and way of life. We are establishing a society of curious, active people who do not wait for opportunities, but rather look for them and create them.
How it happens?
You will begin to explore facts and myths about span of popular activities

You will find out about jobs whose existence has never occurred to you before

You will be exposed to the maximal scope of various points of view during the live dialogues with experts and peers

You will apply new and unusual approach to analysing and making decisions

Previous events
[15.11.2015] How many jobs can one change, while being successful at each of them?
On Sunday, 15 November, another investigation took place. It was dedicated to the profound change of career (and not once in life). Friends of the "MyStory" - Elena Groo (press secretary, accountant, sales manager of a plant, corporate training expert), and Konstantin Samarin (the Cisco-engineer, waiter, specialist on the selection of models, co-owner of a restaurant, chef) - told how and why they changed their professional occupations, what helped them to cope with difficulties. They also shared many secrets and tricks of successful professional career. None of the questions asked by participants remained without attention. At the end of the meeting participants of the investigation established a plan of actions for those who want to change their professional area or who doubt their current choice.

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Photos from the event : fb, vk.
[22.11.2015] Why would I have never chosen my profession? Banker, designer of interior, programmer
Today, every member of the "MyStory: Investigation" has learned something new and interesting, including, by the way, the speakers themselves. We talked about the obvious and hidden disadvantages of commonly attractive professions - banker, designer, programmer.
Thanks to Oksana Kamensky, Vladimir Grishin and Cyril Klyosov for the lively stories. Their deep and sincere answers to the questions allowed participants to form their own opinions on the matter, and some of them even took important decisions about the future.

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Photos from the event: fb, vk.
[29.11.2015] How to prepare for Unified State Exam and be confident in your results?
[15.12.2015] How the maximal income depends on the chosen profession?
[06.02.2016] What is it like to live in another country? Expats who came to Russia and the ones who emigrated from Russia