Как изменятся физические пространства, к которым мы привыкли, через 5 лет?
Замеченные тренды / 2016 /
1 // Mobility: pop-up spaces (Makespace), distributed spaces (Impact Hub), moving spaces (Green Tortoise), portable spaces (Asmbld)
2 // Multifunctionality (Yerba Buena Centre for Arts, Impact Hub, Google)
3 // Free access (POPA, Noisebridge, SF Public Library, openIDEO)
4 // Co-... (openIDEO, Teacher Guild, Galvanize, City Stairs, Impact Hub, Green Tortoise, Embassy Network)
5 // Back to physicallity (TechShop, CREATE, Noisebridge, Brightworks)
6 // Exploration.Failure.Play (Brightworks, Google, Tea with strangers, Playground at Dolores Park)
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