Crash-course for high school students from all around the country.
2016, June 12-17

The participants of the course tried an absolutely new field every day. In the morning, they chose a workshop (from two simultaneous ones) and for six hours were working at their own project. They made a presentation and included the project in their portfolio. Urban studies, neurophysiology, financial markets, contemporary art, electronic music, table games, chat bots coding, advertising – what have you already tried? Our participants have tried all of it. And still we have more surprises! What about a quidditch game, playback theater, singing class or gardening?
How it was?
Day 0
Get to know
We meet at the HSE campus, get acquainted with each other, play some introduction games and go to Voronovo by bus.
What does portfolio mean?
The goal of our program is to create a portfolio. So we start working at it at the very moment we arrive at Voronovo. What is portfolio and what does it do? We show you the best examples, you ask lots of questions, we develop the ideas … and here it comes!
Hacking the space
Let's stop focusing on our mind and focus on our hands! We are going to learn the key principles of constructivism and apply them practically while settling a huge training center. Art & fact begins with the creation of artifacts. Aaaa, who is here in the elevator?!
Day 1
Advertising and creativity
What is advertising for? How to create it? We are going to discuss these issues and to write our own scripts for New Balance and Erich Krause advertising.
Coding chat-bots
We are going to discuss what artificial intelligence is and to learn how to code chat bots for Telegram:
– Hi, I am Diana!
– Hi, I am Jarvis. I help people to find their way and purpose. Shall we begin?
Quidditch game
Metla Service Station and "Nurgles" have an edge over all Hogwarts teams.
Your own web-site
We are going to sign up for Tilda Platform and create the first beta of our own web-site.
Chat bots made by our participants
Career guidance bot
Recommends the best restaurants in Tushino District
Tells about unusual jobs
Random quotations from Dovlatov's books
Recommends TV-shows
Recommends books
Cheerful bot that is always eager to give a piece of advice
Bot searching for another bots
Day 2
Tactical urbanism
We learn how to make any space more comfortable and attractive, and convert an ordinary road in the village of Voronovo into a new trendy place to relax. Paint for the road service marking remains at least for a year, so look for a snake!
Experimental track трек
Let's dip into music theory and behave like real musicians. In four hours, our own tracks are ready. Sounds of the street, clattering and claps play an important role in our masterpieces.
"Parafraz" Playback Theatre
We share our stories and take a new look at them after an improvisational play done by professional actors.
Tracks composed by the participants
Day 3
Finances basics
We become investors who trade on stock markets gaining and losing millions.
Table game
The secrets of table games business are opened, and we create our own games.
Day 4
Contemporary art with "Playtronica"
We get the feel of contemporary art and create musical art objects.
Neuropsychology / neurophysiology
We test our brain and its activity and learn more about heredity. We play games and win using power of thought.
We learn how to manage our breathing and voice, how to sound confidently and pleasantly.
Day 5
PR & personal brand
Get to know what is personal brand and how to create one.
Flowers planting
Giving birth to a new life – look for our symbol made of flowers.
Goodbye and see you
...and continue creating artifacts not only in the camp.
Our experts
The best specialists from different fields came to Art&Fact Camp to share their knowledge, experience and ideas.
Our participants and their portfolios.
As a result of our crash course, each participant under the guidance of our experts carried out four projects. Here are the participants' personal pages:
Наша команда
Tatyana Zakharova
Adviser to the first vice-rector of HSE. Participated in program development and organization of the camp.
Elena Titova
Manager in HSE, was responsible for administrative and organizational tasks.
Alexey Statsenko
Author at habrhabr.ru, was a coach during the camp.
Maryanna Balezina
Studies social sciences at HSE Department of Psychology. Helped to promote the camp.