Let's build some crazy neural networks
How does it work?
Neuromaker allows children to experiment with data analysis, neural networks and deep learning in a playful manner.
Develop and train your Net at a comfortable pace in pre-built challenges based on real-life tasks.
Modify your Net based on other users' comments and build Monsters combining best ideas of each Net.
Prepare your Nets or Monsters for competitions or start your own duel with individuals and teams.
Check existing missions
Here are the first challenges available online for novices.
1 / The Birth of Hero
What is artificial intelligence and neural networks?
2 / Choose Supepowers
The structure of neural networks. Layers.
3 / Practice Battle
How to train and use a neural network?
4 / Numbers Battle
Work with dataset MNIST.
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Timophey Molchanov
Slyces App
— 2016, MiLaboratory LLC (Skolkovo resident), Developer
— 2016,, Frontend Lead
— 2014,, CTO
— 2011,, CTO

— Март 2016 Руководитель направления Big Data на "Тихоокеанская проектная школа"
— Апрель 2016 Преподаватель лаборатории IT школы "Лифт в будущее" — Апрель 2016 Соорганизатор направления Big Data "Олимпиады НТИ" — Октябрь 2016 Преподаватель лаборатории IT школы "Лифт в будущее"
Lucia Wallert
Everybody in "White rabbit" team are wizards! They made our wedding to become a fairy-tale adventure. Special thanks to Maria for her professional advices and perseverance. All she created was much more than we could even imagine
Alex Larkins
Founder of Pic Pen studio
You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.
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